miniHides : for everyone who loves wildlife

I’m really busy at the moment developing my design ideas for miniHides. These offer new and exciting opportunities for everyone to get closer to their local wildlife. I would like to introduce these developments to you through this website. If you would like to find out more just send me an e-mail.

Connecting people with wildlife

Enable your visitors to connect closely with local wildlife.

Improve your wildlife photography

Stay warm and dry whilst waiting for that ‘once in a lifetime’ moment.

Minimise disturbance

Minimise disturbance and experience those special moments

Better wildlife monitoring

Maximise chances of recording natural behaviour whilst minimising disturbance.

miniHides : why they are so useful.


I have been designing, building and using a variety of wildlife minihides for more years than I care to remember and, along with so many other people, I love using them to get closer to wildlife. Though recently retired as a Head Warden with over 20 years of experience of conservation management, I wanted to continue to develop this connection with nature. I recognise there is a gap in the market for a well designed, comfortable hide that is suitable for one or two people but was sufficiently well built to be left outside for several months or years if necessary but could also be easily moved and reinstalled on other sites as the seasons progressed.

  • Minimise disturbance

    Top of the list of requirements is that the hide should be as small and inconspicuous as possible. This all helps to minimise disturbance and maximise the chances of wildlife approaching the hide and behaving in a natural and unstressed manner.

  • Become Invisible

    With the use of specialised “one-way” glass you really do become invisible to the wildlife. They cannot see you, even if you wave around your arms, but you can clearly see them. Top quality glass does not affect the quality of your photographs.

  • Stay Comfortable

    Wildlife is rarely predictable and long waits are frequently required. It is a therefore something of a necessity to remain warm and dry and ready for when the action kicks in. Some of the best photographic opportunities occur during rain, snow and other conditions that can make outdoor photography tricky.

  • Easy to move

    Wildlife is ruled by the seasons and each one can vary enormously. The ability to easily dismantle and resite a minHide maximises the opportunities available to follow the seasons. It can also be a very welcome feature when looking for new sites with some landowners.